Trouw Nutrition Polska is the leading producer of premixes and innovative feed additives for farmed animals. Quality, innovativeness and sustainable development are the leading principles underlying our activity and operations. The most important facts from over 20 years of our operations on the market have been presented below.

Defining the Company sustainable development policy.

Development and extension of the plant, start-up of new concentrate production line.

Award of QS certificate

Takeover from BASF of premixture manufacturing plant in Kutno and installation and start-up of a liquid premixes production line.

First edition of the “Trouw i MY” [Trouw and US] bimonthly


GMP system upgraded with HACCP tools and GMP certificate awarded, OVOCOM - EU and
international standard devised by the Belgian organisation OVOCOM, which concentrates on ensuring security to the entire food and feed supply chain.

Acquisition of Hendrix Polska by Trouw Nutrition Polska

Construction and start-up of a milk replacer production line

Start-up of the new and most state-of-the-art in Europe premixture manufacturing plant
located in ul. Chrzanowska in Grodzisk Mazowiecki. In 1999, the Company was also the first in the feed sector to receive the Dutch GMP Certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice), which laid down specific values of parameters of production processes, feed materials and end products.


Takeover by Trouw Nutrition International. The ISO 9001 Certificate granted the same year. We were the first company in the feed sector in Poland to be awarded this certificate.


Start of the production of premixes.

Ewos Polfarm is established.