The Trouw Nutrition Polska Company offers a wide range of products for all species of farm animals. Our offer includes both farmer premixtures, concentrates, as well as specialist feed additives.

Farm minerals used to prepare feeds by home mixers are sold under the LIDERMIX, POLFAMIX and MAXCARE brands.

Protein concentrates only requiring topping up with a suitable amount of grains, are sold under the HENDRIX brand in three product lines: SUPREMUS, VITAREX, and BONO.

MILKIWEAN – prestarters for piglets are produced based on specially selected, easily available raw materials which comply with all the quality requirements. The prestarters mainly contain milk-based products and are  composed of  easily available feed products for piglets.

HAPPY BABY is another brand under which piglet prestarters and protein concentrates used in preparing high quality feeds for this group of animals are sold.

The wide range of high quality milk replacers for calves are sold under the SPRAYFO and MILKIVIT brands.

FARM-O-SAN is a brand of  nutritional health  products  for ruminants  and swine.

Selko is a brand of technical feed additives used in everyday production practices. They include preservatives, innovative acidifiers, products supporting normal functioning of the alimentary tract of monogastric animals.