A line of modern, complete and correctly balanced farm minerals used in preparing complete feedingstuffs. Based on innovative solutions, it ensures that the nutritional requirements of pigs and poultry for amino acids, vitamins and minerals and vitamin and mineral requirements of ruminants are perfectly met.

Products for pigs contain an innovative, non-antibiotic growth promoter  which has a beneficial effect on production while optimising the feed use. The enzyme preparations used in these products provide better phosphorus use and reduced emissions to the environment. The high nutrient content of amino acids, vitamins and minerals supports the correct functioning of the immune and digestive system of growing animals.

Polfamix products for  ruminants include a set of universal  farm minerals  recommended for animals with a varied level of production and are based on the current nutritional recommendations for phosphorus ranging from 3.1 to 3.8 g P/kg SM of feed ration. All the products in this line contain chelate forms chelate forms of trace elements, raising their  availability.

Polfamix products reduce the mineral and vitamin nutritional costs by 10-20%. The special formula that blocks the sensitivity of the cattle to the bitter and characteristic smell of the minerals ensures that the products are eagerly consumed by the cattle.

Polfamix products for poultry are comprised of  farm minerals as well as premixes intended for various poultry groups.

All the products in this group have a fully balanced set of vitamins, trace elements and synthetic amino acids, which enables very good production results to be obtained.

The group of  1% Polfamix premixes requires the calcium and phosphorus minerals to be supplemented when preparing the feed. They contain phytase and wheat enzymes improving the digestibility  of feeds  and increasing the phosphorus retention from the crops.