Our Laboratory

We carry out the following laboratory analyses:

Protein analysis using the Kjeldahl method

Chloride ion analysis (by potentiometry)

Homogeneity  testing (using chloride ions)

NIR analysis of feed materials and finished products based on Nutreco calibration (RINA)

The following parameters can be identified using NIR analysis:

Feed material: wheat, barley, maize, nucleus proteins (soybean, sunflower, rapeseed), full fat soybeans, fishmeal - depending on the feed material - protein, fat, ash, fibre, starch, moisture and glucosinolates. Furthermore, in the case of the mentioned ingredients, an analysis of the fibre content (NDF and ADF), general amino acids and fatty acids is also possible. For certain groups of animals, digestible amino acids and energy metabolism (EM) are also  analysed.

Complete feedingstuffs for poultry (broilers, layers),  ruminants  and pigs - protein, fat, ash, fibre, moisture. In the case of feedingstuffs for pigs, the ADF, NDF, Ca, Na and P content may also be determined.

Concentrates for poultry and pigs - protein, fat, ash, fibre, moisture.