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30 products available

  • Sprayfo Yellow

    Sprayfo Yellow; for high growth and solid feed intake

  • Farm-O-San AHS

    Farm-O-San AHS is a mineral feed for poultry and contains electrolytes and vitamin C to maintain normal production when temperature is elevated.

  • Farm-O-San PowerFit

    Farm-O-San PowerFit is a dietetic complementary feed for calves up to 6 months of age providing stabilisation of water and electrolyte balance.

  • Selko-Herbiphorm

    Selko® Herbiphorm is used to stabilize and preserve silage used for ruminant feeding. . It reduces spoilage due to the development of micro-organism such as yeast, moulds and Enterobacteria in the first period of ensiling, supporting lactic acid bacteria production and assisting preservation of the silage.

  • Sprayfo Blue

    Sprayfo blue; for growth and proven results

  • Farm-O-San Fly Bucket

    Farm-O-San Fly Bucket is a mineral feed for cattle, horses, sheep and goats and contains garlic extracts, repelling flies due to its specific odour.

  • Fibosel

    Fibosel® boosts the natural resistance of the animal. Especially young animals may benefit from some extra help to develop their immune system. The β-glucans in this additive are specifically produced to stimulate a healthy functioning immune system in production animals. 

  • Fysal® Feed

    Fysal® Feed is an innovative product that improves Enterobacteria reduction in high buffer capacity materials such as layer feed. This makes Fysal Feed a more efficient solution compared to non-corrosive products.

  • Presan®-FY

    Presan®-FY is a synergistic blend of a phenolic compound, slow release C12, target release butyrates, MCFAs and organic acids. It may stabilise the gut microbiota and boosts the gut barrier integrity of poultry. This integrated approach is a powerful formula designed to improve animal performance.

  • Selko IntelliBond C

    Selko IntelliBond C (basic copper chloride) represents the latest, most technically advanced trace mineral technology designed to deliver more copper to the animal’s blood stream, support optimised animal health and productivity while remaining cost effective.